Pergola patio ideas

Fun Backyard Pergola Ideas

If you are looking for a great way to add a fun outdoor space to your yard, consider building a pergola. A pergola is the perfect choice when you are looking to create a middle ground between outdoor and indoor living. You can easily construct a pergola almost anywhere in your yard. One of the greatest things about a pergola is that the structure allows you to plant flowers around it, creating a beautiful outdoor living space.

Types of Pergolas

A basic pergola will be constructed out of four posts. The roof of the pergola is left open and typically lined across the top with posts. You can add some weather proof cloth over the top that will allow sunshine to seep through. You can also leave the slats open.

You may put the pergola over a cement slab, but it can be built over open grass as well. You can plant vines around the area that will grow up the posts and create a wonderful outdoor living space. When it comes to outdoor structures, pergolas are very versatile and can provide a budget friendly space for entertaining outdoors all season long.