Flagstone patio ideas

Fantastic Flagstone Patio Ideas

When it comes to materials to use for a patio, flagstone is one of the best. The reason for this is because it has packed joints that are narrow and allow water to permeate through instead of simply running off. In addition, flagstone patios provide an organic and natural look because of the shape and color of the stones. Limestone, slate, and sandstone are the most common types of flagstone that are used for patios.

Why Choose Flagstone?

There are many benefits of using flagstone for your patio. As mentioned, it allows water permeation. In addition, the stones are slip resistant and will last for many years. There is no need to stain the flagstone and they are easy to spray off with a hose or pressure washer without fear of damage.

Flagstone looks natural because of the colors that provide a natural variation. In addition, grass or moss can grow between the stones, providing an even more natural look to your outdoor living space. In addition, these stones can be laid in many different patterns to provide your space with its own unique look.